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Viair 45041 450H 150 psi. Automatic Compressor

Viair 45041 450H 150 psi. Automatic Compressor

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Viair Part #: 45041

The Viair 450H-Automatic Compressor is made for your Jeep with larger tires. When you are off-road and need to air down, the worst part of the day comes at the end when you have to re-inflate your tires. This 150-psi. compressor runs on your 12-volt system and inflates a 37" tire from zero in about 8 minutes. No need to run back to the unit to switch off and on between tires, the automatic shutoff feature takes care of that, simply move around the vehicle. Fill up you and your friends, this compressor can run for an hour without needing a cool cycle. Compact footprint allows for mounting in tight spaces, and IP54 rating keeps it resistant to moisture.


  • Automatic Shut-Off : Turns off between tires to protect motor and prolong the life and performance.
  • Compact Design : Mounts in tight spots to conserve space for more important cargo.
  • Heavy Duty : Made to work on tires up to 37", inflates from 0 in about 8 minutes
  • Specifications :


    • 12-Volt
    • Permanent Magnetic Motor
    • Duty Cycle: 100% @ 150 PSI
    • Max. Working Pressure: 150 PSI
    • Max. Amp Draw: 23 Amps
    • Ingress Protection Rating: IP54
    • Dimensions: 12.4″L x 5.8″W x 7.5″H
    • Net Weight: 13.05 lbs.
    • Power Cord Length: 8 ft.
    • Air Hose Length: 30 ft.
    4 Mounting Bolts
    8 Flat Washers
    4 Locking Washer
    4 Nuts
    1 1/4” F x 3/8” Tube Fitting
    1 3/8” Air Line
    3 Air Line Clips
    3 Screws
    1 Remote Inlet Air Filter with Filter Element
    1 Positive (Red) Ring Terminal
    2 Negative (Black) Ring Terminals
    1 Year Warranty