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METALCLOAK Sector Shaft Brace, JL Wrangler | JT Gladiator 7690

METALCLOAK Sector Shaft Brace, JL Wrangler | JT Gladiator 7690

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The Sector Shaft Brace for the Jeep JL Wrangler and JT Gladiator provides additional strength to help protect from steering component and frame damage.

Features Include:
  • Fits JL Wrangler & JT Gladiator
  • Made of 3/8" Steel Plate
  • Chromoly Laser Engraved Sector Shaft Nut
  • High-load Oil Embedded Bronze Bushing
  • Service-Free (Self Lubricating)
  • 100% Bearing Contact
  • Splits Force Loads to The Frame and Front Crossmember
  • CAD Design
  • Laser Cut
  • Made in the USA
Supported at the vital sector shaft on your JL or JT, this brace provides additional protection to steering components with thick 3/8" formed steel. The Sector shaft brace is CAD designed, laser cut, and attaching to the crossmember, instead of adding additional force to an already stressed frame section that the track bar mounts to.

Mounting at the crossmember, this splits the force loads from just the Jeep frame and gets assistance from the strength of the crossmember.

Mounting the Brace on the opposing side from the steering box keeps the box from being pulled away from the frame and relieves stresses from the steering box bolts and alleviates unwanted stress on the frame.

The high-load oil embedded bronze bushing provides no wear points on its' surface and gives 100% contact without the issues found with inferior braces using needle bearings. The bronze bushing provides a higher load rating than the comparable needle bearings (3500lbs vs 3100lbs dynamic radial load), is completely service free and will provide long lasting performance.

The brace is plated with our signature gold zinc chromate for a long lasting finish and is made here in the USA.