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Jeep Gladiator Short Control Arm Kit 2020+, JT COR-1810200

Jeep Gladiator Short Control Arm Kit 2020+, JT COR-1810200

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If you want the best Jeep Gladiator 2020+ JT adjustable control arms, that are both adjustable and rebuildable, look no further. Over Premium JT control arms offer a greasable and rebuildable johnny joint at one end. This narrow series Johnny Joint uses a narrow 1 piece bushing offering 40 degrees of misalignment. At the axle end, we use a Giiro joint to help absorb road noise and vibrations for a smooth and comfortable ride.

The Giiro Joint is a dual durometer, self centering joint, that is maintenance free. The outside part of the bushing is softer, to isolate road noise and vibrations and allow the bushing to articulate. It has 13.3 degree of movement in each direction, or 26.6 degrees combined per bushing. Since we combine this bushing with a Johnny Joint, you have over 65 degrees of unrestricted movement. The inside area of the bushing is harder and teflon infused to act as a bearing surface for the center pin which is free to twist as the suspension moves up and down. Better flex joints, the original Currie Johnny Joints. Providing maximum movement, to keep your tires on the ground for better traction. And by letting the control arms flex, you put less stress on your OEM frame brackets. Combined with our 1/4 wall tubing lower control arm tubing, premium tube inserts, 5/16s thick welded lower control arm housing and a forged adjusters, you have the Ultimate control arms available.

They are designed to be used from 0 to 5"+ of lift. So, whether your JT is stock and you're looking for stronger better flexing control arms. Or have a lifted JT and need to properly adjust your axle position, caster angle or pinion angle, these control arms are built to outperform and outlast our competition.

And with our LIFETIME warranty, these are the best and last set of control arms you will need.

OVERLAND PLUS JT Short Control Arms (8 Adjustable Arms)

  • COR-1809100 - JL/JT FRONT LOWERS
    • Center to Center STOCK = 24.000"
    • Center to Center MIN = 23.9375"
    • Center to Center MAX = 24.880"
  • COR-1809101 - JL/JT FRONT UPPERS
    • Center to Center STOCK = 21.100"
    • Center to Center MIN = 19.130"
    • Center to Center MAX = 22.283"
  • COR-1810102 - JT REAR LOWERS
    • Center to Center STOCK = 23.750"
    • Center to Center MIN = 23.4375"
    • Center to Center MAX = 25.125"
  • COR-1810103 - JT REAR UPPERS
    • Center to Center STOCK = 16.375"
    • Center to Center MIN = 16.0625"
    • Center to Center MAX = 17.4375"