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Adventure Skottle Grill Kit

Adventure Skottle Grill Kit

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The Kit comes with the Adventure Skottle, the carry bag and a burner. 

Perfect for Motorcycle, canoe, fishing or even tailgating.  Anyplace where room is an issue, the Adventure Skottle Grill can help.

Size: The pan is 12" across and the aluminum legs are 12.5" high.
Weight: 2 pounds, 11oz. (Skottle and aluminum legs)
Weight: Blue Ridge Carry Bag,  13 oz.

With the TemboTusk designed adapter, the GSI Glacier Camp 10,000 BTU stove can be used with the Adventure Skottle Grill.   The Glacier Camp Stove is a Isobutane/propane fuel canister stove. (Gas canister not included.)

The adapter is included with the kit.

Kit contains:             
1. TemboTusk Adventure Skottle Grill
2. GSI Glacier Camp 10,000 BTU Stove with adapter
3. BlueRidge Overland Gear Carry Bag Carry bags will only ship after July 15th.            

The Skottle is fabricated in the USA and comes pre-seasoned so it can be used immediately.  The  Adapter allows the GSI Glacier stove to be secured to the bottom of the Adventure Skottle pan.  The GSI stove is well build and sturdy and with its 10,000 BTU power and simmer control, Glacier Camp Stove can cook any meal like a chef!  The aluminum legs are removable.  

Adventure Skottle Grill:  USA Made in SoCal
Carry Bag: USA Made in Bedford, VA
GSI Stove:  Made in China

* Canadian Customers please click this link to Peden 4 Wheel Drive  Peden is our Canadian distributor.